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Sun - Sat 8:00 - 17:30 5 ibn Al Serafi – Heliopolis +(20) 122 261 4222 [email protected]
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Al-Husseiny for supply and maintenance HVAC equipment



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Who are we

We have the honor to give you a brief idea about our company profile.

Our company Al-Husseiny for supply and maintenance HVAC equipment is specialized in supply, maintenance and repair of: a- All types of air conditions (central, chillers, split and windows types: b- All types of air compressors. (Oil injected – free oil electric types and portable diesel types.) c- All types of refrigerators, freezing rooms (indoors and outdoors) d- All types of galley equipment (hotline and cool lines)

We have many maintenance agreements with some oil and drilling companies in UAE, Pakistan and Egypt.



Our Vision

Our belief in the importance of maintenance role to the equipment in companies with different activities have led us to put a strict system for regular and prevented maintenance, which save a lot of time and effort, as well as we have put a strict system of repairing all type of the mentioned machines we work in. We established emergency team for the emergency conditions and time as well.

Our Consinder

we have considered the importance of the spare parts supply on time. It will save a lot of time and effort and enable us to give an accurate time to our clients to finish and satisfy their demands at the time they wish so.

Our Established

We have established a section of the quality and follow-up on the equipment that have been repaired as well as sometimes we give guarantees
on our work that have been done by our Professional technical crews.

Our Customers and Clients?

Our belief in the importance of the multiplicity and diversity of our customers through which we gain experience and good relations have
led us not to make our company's activity limited to some customers or clients and not lock ourselves so our customers and clients are from multiple sources this occurred throughout cooperation with some construction companies as well as cooperation with some Engineering consultancy offices.

Our expecting customers and clients?

We always believe in expanding our work according to a future study plan. At present we are in a good financial position and having a big technical trained staff that allow us to deal with the biggest companies in Egypt and Middle East as well as we have started to look for African companies that we expect they have a bright future. We have done a work plans and studied the market in most of these countries and we found out that the oil companies, cement factories are the most accurate ones after the military corporations. So, we have planned to start dealing with some of the oil companies. We have succeeded with some such as EDC, ADES. NDC, CSCEC, Egycamp and others. We are trying with the other to get their trust and get jobs from their sides.